Scalable machine learning technology, evolutionary algorithms, and data science frameworks for
large-scale knowledge mining, prediction, analytics and optimization with projects in
          cyber security, MOOC technology, software analysis and clinical medicine.


APPLICATIONS: Large scale physiological time series forecasting and similarity-based retrieval, leveraging data in observational studies; MOOC Technology: data standards, data privacy, machine learning blocks, feature solicitation, transfer learning; Cyber-Security/Tax Evasion Detection: formalism of law, co-evolutionary dynamics; Scheduling: hyper-parameter optimization, machine learning and evolutionary algorithms for batch selection and job sequencing; Wind Energy: resource prediction, turbine layout optimization, cable layout.



Invited Talks 2018


Computational Thinking: How Evolutionary Biology inspires Algorithms
Una-May O’Reilly
Accenture, Bangalore India


Anticipating the Worst: How Adversarial Modeling can Harden Network Designs
Una-May O’Reilly
BBVA, Tampa Florida

Keynote: Computer Systems Arms Races
Una-May O'Reilly
Systems that Learn Conference hosted by Imperial College London and MIT Industrial Liaison Program, London UK
Waveform Trajectories: Prediction via Model-based and Model-Free Machine Learning
Una-May O’Reilly
BP, London UK


STEALTH: Modeling Coevolutionary Dynamics of Tax Evasion and Auditing
Una-May O’Reilly
Fidelity Investments hosted by MIT Media Lab,Cambridge MA


Analysing Educational Data With MOOC-Learner-Project
Erik Hemberg
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Akashi City Japan
ASICS Corporation, Kobe Japan
Toshiba Corporation - Corporate Research & Development Center, Kanagawa Japan
Center for Information Technology(CITE) Hong Kong University,Hong Kong
LearnLab Summer School - Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA                  
Proactive Cyber Security
Erik Hemberg
Hitachi Ltd. - Yokohama Research Laboratory, Kanagawa Japan
Konica Minolta, Tokyo Japan


The Rise of Deep Learning
Una-May O’Reilly
Accenture, Webinar

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