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Anticipating the Worst: How Adversarial Modeling Can Harden Network Designs

Una-May O’Reilly

Keynote: Computer Systems Arms Races

Una-May O’Reilly
Systems that Learn Conference, hosted by Imperial College London and MIT Industrial Liaison Program, London UK

Waveform Trajectories: Prediction via Model-based and Model-Free Machine Learning

Una-May O’Reilly
BP, London UK

We welcome Tom Schmiedlechner, graduate student from University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austra, Hagenburg Austria for a research internship



Computational Thinking: How Evolutionary Biology Inspires Algorithms

Una-May O’Reilly
Accenture, Bangalore India




ALFA welcomes Yuanzhe "Aaron" Chen, a visiting PhD student from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, working on a collaborative MOOC project with ALFA and Infolab.



ALFA hosts Marc Schoenbauer of INRIA French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control  for a talk titled: Getting Hints From Random Walks in Optimization and Deep Learning.

ALFA hosts Crosswords Cybersecurity London for a Workshop in CyberSecurity AI at MIT

ALFA welcomes new UROPS, SuperUROPs, and MEng students to the group!



ALFA bids farewell to Mucong "John" Ding from HKUST.

ALFA welcomes Shashank Srikant, MIT PhD candidate and new member of ALFA Group.

ALFA celebrates their teamwork and summer efforts with a Group Retreat to Sunapee, NH



ALFA welcomes Dr. Edilberto Amorim as Research Affiliate. Dr Filho is a clinical fellow from MGH Boston and recipient of an MIT-Philips research award. He will be mentored by Una-May in his project: Dynamic EEG signatures underlying coma recovery after cardiac arrest: a machine learning approach.

ALFA bids farewell to Mahek Maheshwari and Robert Gold, high school summer interns



ALFA bids farewell to Post-doc Stjepan Picek, we wish him the best of luck and hope to see him again soon!

ALFA welcomes Dennis G Wilson, ALFA UROP alum and PhD canidate from the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse as a guest speaker at CSAIL.

ALFA welcomes summer UROPS Carina Quiroz and Alyssa Weiss for Hacker'sHeaven.

ALFA welcomes Steven Rivera and Dennis Garcia as summer Research Assistants!

ALFA welcomes visitors Alessandro DePalma and Ruggiero Dargenio from Eldgenossische Technische Hochsule (ETH), Zurich Switzerland for a 6 month stay to work on their theses.

ALFA welcomes M. John Ding, undergrad from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong, who will work with ALFA in collaboration with the "Understanding and improving student enagagement in MOOCS and designing technology enablers for scaling MOOC data research" project sponsored by HKUST under the MISTI China Award.

ALFA welcomes Mahek Maheshwari from Harmony School of Advancement in Houston, TX for a sumer internship!

Congratulations to Bryce Kim on his promotion to Research Associate with ALFA!



Congratulations to MIT undergrads with the completion of their undergrad degrees: Abigail Choe, Hugo Zul, Marcos Pertierra, Alex Huang, Tiange "Alice" Zhan.

Congratulations to ALFA MEng Seniors, Steven Rivera, Austin Liew, Anthony Erb Luogo and Dennis Garcia on completing their theses!

Congratulations to Bryce Kim on his successful PhD thesis defense and completion of his PhD thesis!

ALFA welcomes Clara Li and Alex Chang from Weston High School for a 3 week internship.



New UAP projects to be added soon. In the meantime, please visit the EECS website for more info.

We welcome Stjepan Picek from KU Leuven, Belgium to his new position as post-doctoral associate with ALFA.



Congratulations to Dr. Erik Hemberg for his promotion to Research Scientist!



ALFA bids farewell to visitors Pasquale Salza of University of Salerno and Dr. Sarah al Hamoud of Saudi Arabia. We wish them the best of luck!