Scalable machine learning technology, evolutionary algorithms, and data science frameworks for large-scale knowledge mining, prediction, analytics, and optimization with projects in cyber security, MOOC technology, software analysis, and clinical medicine



Research Themes

Artificial Adversarial Intelligence MOOC Data Analytics Clinical Medicine





Applications: Adversarial dynamics modeling, adversarial examples, adversarial hardening, malware detection and classification, automatic program analysis for vulnerabilities, deception, segmentation and peer to peer network defenses against DDOS, lateral stage and scanning attacks; artificial intelligence; MOOCs on computational thinking and programming, MOOC clickstream and activity data analysis with deep learning; Large scale physiological time series, EEG and other vital signals, leveraging deep learning and similarity-based retrieval.



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ALFA Group is formerly the Evolutionary Design and Optimization Group

Recent News


We welcome a new Postdoctoral Fellow to the group Dr. Behnaz Bostanipour, from University of Lausanne, Switzerland, sponsored by the Postdoctoral Mobility Fellowship of the Swiss National Science Foundation.



Flipping Sign Bits is All You Need to Craft Black-Box Adversarial Examples

Abdullah Al-Dujaili
IBM Research, Cambridge MA USA

Technology Trends in Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Una-May O'Reilly
Canadian Embassy of the USA, Washington DC USA

We welcome Sagar Biswas, visiting student from Manipal University, Jaipur India in collaboration with Hong Kong University, Hong Kong HK



Artificial Adversarial Intelligence

Una-May O’Reilly
AAAI-19, 33rd AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Honolulu HI USA





Computer Systems Arms Races

Una-May O’Reilly
Dalhousie University, Halifax Canada
Keynote Speaker: The ACM Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing, Halifax Canada



*Outstanding Poster Award: Machine Learning and Malware Arms Race

Abdullah Al-Dujaili, Alex Huang, Erik Hemberg, Una-May O'Reilly
2018 Horizons Colloquium, awarded on behalf of IBM Research
MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab Medium Article: Inaugural AI Research Week Highlights Collaboration and Future of AI

We welcome Carl Im, CEO, Solomon Strategic Consulting Limited, Seoul South Korea visiting to oberserve ALFA research



Data-driven Bug Hunting - Tales From Hunting Down Bugs in Ethereum's Solidity

Shashank Srikant
Systems That Learn @ CSAIL Annual  Meeting, Cambridge MA USA

Towards Robust and Scalable Generative Adversarial Networks

Una-May O’Reilly
Systems That Learn @ CSAIL Annual  Meeting, Cambridge MA USA

Computer Systems Arms Races

Una-May O’Reilly
Emtech MENA, Dubai UAE
Abdul Latif Jamell International, Dubai UAE
Parsons, Dubai UAE

We welcome a new group member, Jamal Toutouh, Post-doctoral Fellow from Universidad de Malaga, Spain



The Rise of Deep Learning

Una-May O’Reilly
Accenture, Webinar



Analyzing Educational Data With MOOC-Learner-Project

Erik Hemberg
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Akashi City Japan
ASICS Corporation, Kobe Japan
Toshiba Corporation - Corporate Research & Development Center, Kanagawa Japan
Center for Information Technology (CITE), Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
LearnLab Summer School, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA USA

Proactive Cyber Security

Erik Hemberg
Hitachi Ltd., Yokohama Research Laboratory, Kanagawa Japan
Konica Minolta, Tokyo Japan

We welcome Yanbang Wang and Ignavier Ng, undergrad students from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology under the HKUST-MIT IROP exchange program

We welcome Gili Rusak, undergraduate from Stanford University and Joseph Ortiz, graduate student from Oxford for a summer research internships



STEALTH: Modeling Coevolutionary Dynamics of Tax Evasion and Auditing

Una-May O’Reilly
Fidelity Investments hosted by MIT Media Lab, Cambridge MA USA


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